Silgan Closures - Pack Expo 2018

Silgan is excited to be a part of PackExpo 2018, held October 14-18 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. All Silgan divisions will be on hand demonstrating the latest innovations and product suite offerings. Executives, product managers, partners and customers will all be on hand to discuss best practices or strategize on the applications to best solve all packaging and closure needs.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the exciting displays, new technologies and products that will be exhibited at the show:


  • 43 TTV, Silgan SensEaze™ – Soft, round knurled closure friendly to sensitive touch.
  • ELC30E – Gable top fitment that eliminates the pull ring for one-step opening without shelf-life reduction.
  • 38CEJ – Performs on thinner e-wall, requiring less plastic on the bottle finish.
  • Pouch fitment and closure – Responding to consumers with unsurpassed audible and tactile tamper evidence.
  • 38DBJ – Will be highlighted on the new BottleOne™ dairy bottle design for improved strength and stackability.
  • Clananor (pulsed light sterilization) – 38GLA and 38 VSI will be on display at Clananor’s booth.
  • BottleOne™ – Innovative, integrated handle PET bottle product in collaboration with Husky, Practically Impossible Labs and Krones.
  • Stock Closure Program and Free Closures for a Year – Unique product suite of stock colors, sizes and formats assembled for hassle-free, quick-to-market packaging and closure needs. Contest information on Free Closures for a Year will be available at the show!
ELC gable top caps

Our ELC30E Gable Top Cap


  • New innovative shapes in PET using existing preforms for lower cost start up.
  • Blow Mold Simulation to predict issues in design and better optimize the blow molding process.
  • Oxygen Scavengers and EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) copolymer resins for a variety of food, healthcare & chemical packaging applications.
  • Robots to automate the manufacturing process to reduce labor costs.

Plastic Food Containers

  • Clearly Innovative Containers – straight wall cans that combine the benefits of plastic with the features of a traditional metal can.
  • Perforated Containers – perfect for portion packaging or simply bringing two foods together for one experience.

Dispensing Systems

  • 3D Design Lab – an online customization tool that allows customers to create, design and visualize a custom dispensing solution, thus fostering interactivity and collaboration between Silgan Dispensing Systems and brand owners.
  • Home and Garden Division – Introducing Ergosol® Max—a sleek new spin on our popular Ergosol aerosol sprayer. Featuring an elongated shroud that integrates with the can and full-color customization, Ergosol Max gives your brand a premium look at a price point that’s more affordable than other trigger-actuated sprayers.
  • Beauty and Personal Care Division – Amplify, our airless pump-on-tube, offers clean and easy dispensing with an impressive evacuation rate that allows consumers to access nearly all of the product. And, its attractive, portable design is perfect for active lifestyles—creating a convenient and upgraded dispensing experience.
  • Beauty and Personal Care Division – Lyric™, backed by in-depth consumer research*, taps into the preferences of your customers to enhance the premium skincare dispensing experience from the inside out. Its versatile design allows you to customize according to your needs.
  • Beauty and Personal Care Division – Aria® Luxe enhances consumers’ perception of luxury through specific sensory cues—from a comfortable landing area for the finger to a secure locking mechanism to the metallic appearance consumers prefer.
  • Fragrance – Melodie Pirouette, our first threaded ferrule pump for luxury fragrance inspired by consumer research aimed at gauging awareness, interest and use of refillable, recyclable and sustainable fragrance packaging.


  • 51R56 – Vision system with bottles per minute increased from 800 to 1,200 bpm.
  • 51R84 – Vision system that can scan bottles with full body label wraps (i.e. Body Armor), accommodating a trend toward full body labels.
Silgan Vision Equipment - 51R56

Silgan’s Vision Equipment – 51R56

For additional information on our PackExpo presence or to arrange a meeting in advance, please contact Sylvia Tomal at See you at the show!

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