Dairy Foods has spotlighted sustainability in dairy packaging in the most recent article on their blog: https://www.dairyfoods.com/articles/95709-go-greener-with-dairy-packaging. Silgan Closures’ Director of Marketing, AJ MIller, has been quoted in this article encouraging recycling as a way to protect the planet. Moreover, Dairy Foods features Silgan Closure’s new Sustainability page on our website which further demonstrates our commitment to environmentally responsible packaging solutions for food and beverages.

Dairy Foods, a publication of BPN Media, delivers the latest news and information pertaining to the dairy industry. Silgan Closures is honored to have been featured in this article which showcases recyclable packaging as a way for dairy processors to “go green” and better meet customers’ expectations.

The following excerpt has been extracted from the article here for your convenience:

There is currently a greater focus on recycling amid all of the negative press related to plastic, notes AJ Miller, director of marketing for Silgan Closures, Downers Grove, Ill.

 “When consumers get their packaging into the recycling bin, it keeps it out of our oceans,” he stresses.

Consumers are learning to place the caps on milk and other bottles, too, when recycling the containers, Miller notes. That’s a good thing, as the caps are too small to get through the recycling process alone. However, consumers could benefit from additional recycling education, he suggests.

 “Milk jugs are typically made from HDPE. Recycled HDPE is in high demand because it works great for post-consumer resin,” he notes. If consumers are educated and recycle more, there will be additional recycled content to include in new packaging.”

 Miller says dairy brands could educate consumers via on-pack communication. Brands could leverage the How2Recycle labels (https://how2recycle.info/) from GreenBlue to do so.

Get Involved in Sustainable Packaging

We encourage you to review the entire article at Dairy Foods. We also invite you to visit the Silgan Closures Sustainability page and review all of the resources we’ve included there. You will learn about out sustainable lineup of products using post-consumer resin and bio-resin using less materials than ever before. You will also discover resources on compliance to laws and regulations pertaining to food closures. We highlight our eco-friendly operations in working with Science Based Targets, Better Plants, and CDP to create efficiencies and reduce waste. Finally, you will learn about how we work with associations and nonprofit organizations to create sustainable communities.

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