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Major Plastic Players Silgan, Krones and Husky collaborate with Practically Impossible Labs to manufacture BottleOne integrated handle PET bottle for the marketplace.

This past Fall, Krones, Husky, and Silgan took the stage at PackExpo to announce they had joined forces with Practically Impossible Labs to bring an innovative, integrated handle PET bottle to the marketplace. Patented by Houston-based Practically Impossible Labs, the BottleOne container provides visualization of product, has better sealing potential and product protection than other materials, and is shatterproof. Due to the structural integrity of the bottle technology, secondary packaging can be reduced or eliminated.

BottleOne containers are manufactured utilizing injection and stretch blow molding processes on industry standard equipment. The technology can be used for any large format container that would benefit a handle, including products such as dairy, water, alcohol, cooking oil, juice, tea, and household chemicals. The partnership allowed this patented technology to be manufactured on Krones’ Kosme rotary blow molder, with Husky preforms and sealed with Silgan closures – a one-stop process for the industry.

The initial press conference and announcement in 2018 received widespread attention and media coverage, including Packaging World, Dairy Foods and many others. The collaboration team was then invited to unveil the BottleOne innovation at the International Society of Beverage Technologists BevTech show held April 2019 in Charlotte.

Media Coverage – Packaging World

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