1455518 ROPP Top Load Gauge


The 145518 ROPP Top Load Gauge accurately measures top load in ROPP capping applications and works with all major ROPP capper manufacturers’ equipment.

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The Silgan Equipment 145518 ROPP Top Load Gauge is a new offering designed to accurately measure top load in ROPP capping applications. The unit is designed to work with all major ROPP capper manufacturers and with a wide range of glass, aluminum, and PET bottle sizes. Accurate top load settings are critical to ROPP capping head set-up. The Silgan 145518 Top Load Gauge eliminates the need to estimate top load by mechanical positioning or calculation. Each ROPP capping head can now be directly measured and adjusted accordingly. Having direct top load measurements will allow the bottler to reduce variation between capper heads which will, in turn, reduce rejections, increase throughput, and decrease troubleshooting time.

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