In a feature story in Packaging Technology Today about capping and sealing, the author, Liz Cuneo, discussed some of the breakthrough innovations to protect food products. The article, New Materials and Technologies in Capping and Sealing Assist Brands in Achieving Various Goals, the recent upgrades for Silgan’s 51R56 bottle and cap vision inspection system were touted as some of these important technological advances.

The 51R56 system is an advanced vision inspection machine which performs a 360-degree inspection of filled bottles for cocked, loose, and missing caps, damaged or missing tamper-evidence bands, and low fill levels. The upgrades mentioned in the Packaging Technology Today article include the recent replacement of cameras with new high-resolution GigE Flir cameras and support for Windows 10. These along with updated software help food packaging plants to ensure that their products are at their highest quality before they hit the shelves.

The author states, “A key role of all packaging is to protect and contain contents from leaking, spilling, and spoiling. The 51R56 by Silgan Equipment helps to ensure that this role is fulfilled for beverages and household products. This unit can inspect bottles with cap sizes 28mm to 82mm. It features a 15” touch screen, custom LED lighting, solid state hard drive with backup, motorized tunnel height adjustment, cabinet cooler for temperature control, ethernet bay for online connectivity, a password protect feature, teach function for auto configuration, and ruggedly reliable stainless steel NEMA 4X design. You can count on the Silgan 51R56 to prevent defects from going downstream in the supply chain at a rate of up to 800 containers per minute.

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