Matt Reynolds of Packaging World penned an article featured on page 32 in the June edition of the print magazine telling the story of Take Two, a leading barley-milk brand, which has innovated aspeptic packaging to extend self life with the help of Silgan Closures. You can read the entire story here:

Packaging World June 2021 (1)According to the article, Sarah Pool and Matt Olsofsky, the co-founders of Take Two Foods, LLC, “chose the Silgan Closures 38-mm VFJ aseptic closure because it features both a foil seal to maintain the plant-based milk freshness with the added benefit of a molded in TPE plug seal liner that provides the ability to reseal the bottle for multiple servings once the foil seal is removed.”

Two Foods’ Barley Milk comes in four flavors:

  1. Original unsweetened
  2. Chocolate
  3. Vanilla
  4. Chef’s Blend which is intended for cooking and baking.

The article explains that having much experience in food packaging, Matt Olsofsky chose to use the combination of a rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) bottle and the Silgan Closures 38mm VFJ aseptic PP cap carefully. This combination is used for each of the four varieties of this barley-milk product. After filling and capping, each flavor is labeled with a color-coded label containing the unique information about that flavor. In the words of Olsofsky, this system, “minimizes inventory and significantly reduces cost.”

Be sure to look for the story in the June edition of Packaging World and on this web page:

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