Videos troubleshoot and offer quick solutions to frequent capping machine issues

Silgan Equipment, a leading equipment supplier for the food and beverage industry, today announced the first four videos of the new Silgan YouTube Troubleshooting Channel.  Each video walks the viewer through some of the frequent issues operators face when working with various equipment in the packaging industry.   Silgan Equipment’s first four videos address situations when machines produce loose, cocked or stripped caps, as well as metal caps with crushed lugs.

“We pride ourselves by not only being experts in machinery but also committed to our customers and their end products,” said Juan Sarabia of Silgan Equipment.   “We regularly listen to our customers and wanted to do our part to help them solve challenges that might come up frequently in their daily operations.”

Silgan Equipment encourages industry professionals to subscribe to the YouTube Channel as the company plans to add more videos to the series over the next few months.   To submit a suggestion for a Troubleshooting video please email

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