Pack Expo Las VegasSilgan is excited to once again be a part of PackExpo 2019, held September 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Silgan divisions will be on hand at Booth #6625 in the Lower South Hall (LS6225) demonstrating the latest innovations and product offerings. Executives, product managers, partners and customers will be available to discuss best practices or strategize on the applications to best solve all packaging, dispensing, equipment and closure needs. Here is a sneak peek at some of the exciting innovations, promotions, and product displays that will be exhibited or unveiled at the show:


  • Free Closures for a Year Contest – Now in its second year, information on the annual Free Closures for a Year will be available at the show! Learn more and enter your product or concept right at the booth.
  • New Creamer Cap – The new high quality creamer closure is a stock cap that incorporates features usually found only in custom closures. The cap is molded in Polypropylene (PP) in a sleek modern design that gives it a custom look. This new cap eliminates the cost of a separate mold, enabling customers to give their new creamer a sleek, custom look.
  • 43 TTV, Silgan SensEaze™ – Soft, round knurled closure friendly to sensitive touch.
  • ELC30E – Gable top fitment that eliminates the pull ring for one-step opening without shelf-life reduction.
  • 38CEJ – Performs on thinner e-wall, requiring less plastic on the bottle finish.
  • Pouch fitment and closure – Responding to consumers with unsurpassed audible and tactile tamper evidence.
  • 38DBJ – Will be highlighted on the new BottleOne™ dairy bottle design for improved strength and stackability.
  • Claranor (pulsed light sterilization) – 38GLA and 38 VSI will be on display at Claranor’s booth #LS-5861.
  • BottleOne™ – Innovative, integrated handle PET bottle product in collaboration with Husky, Practically Impossible Labs and Krones.
  • Stock Closure Program – Unique product suite of stock colors, sizes and formats assembled for hassle-free, quick-to-market packaging and closure needs.


  • plastic containersPET 50mL miniature bottle mold – The 50ml mini bottle is a key staple in the spirits industry, commonly used for hospitality, airlines, promotions and sampler sizes.
  • Cannabis Product Offerings – suite of plastic, sustainable stock and custom packaging options for all aspects of the industry. From edibles and hemp to oils and growth accelerators, we have plastic offerings in every shape, size and format to meet your needs.
  • PET Stock Lines – large selection of PET items that are stocked and available for immediate shipment in order quantities as low as one case. Our stock line of PET bottles and jars is continually growing to meet our ever-changing customer demands. Silgan Plastics’ large selection of high-quality jars and bottles can help your brand take shape.


  • PFC Product Catalog – updated catalog detailing all options and key benefits across full suite of products.  Our retortable containers offer the ease of a microwaveable package in either double-seam or heat-seal versions ideal for many convenience foods such as soups, ready meals, baby foods, diet meals, pet food, snacks, etc.  
  • Quick Tops® easy-opening (EZO) new steel or aluminum product adds convenience and performance to plastic food containers. Quick Top® ends also come in specialty sizes for those proprietary- shaped applications.  For a full panel, peelable foil solution, there is also a Quick PeelTM foil end to fit your needs.
  • Clearly Innovative Containers – a revolutionary line of Plastic Cans.  This innovative packaging combines the benefits of plastic with the features of a traditional metal can. Our proprietary rotary thermoforming technology delivers containers that can be double seamed and retorted with standard commercial equipment.  
  • Perforated Barrier Packaging – custom packaging to combine product offerings or for portion control
  • Material Science – stop by and let’s talk about the many different structures to protect your products.  We can also fill you in on our sustainability efforts.


  • Sustainability with PCR Products – Silgan Dispensing’s broad portfolio of PCR solutions uses post- consumer recycled (PCR) plastic in its packaging and dispensing solutions, enabling the brand to meet its sustainability goals. Silgan Dispensing’s PCR portfolio includes well-known pumps and sprayers, including the SD200® dispensing pump, TS800® trigger sprayer and select dispensing Closures produced in its North American manufacturing plants. The selection continues to grow with the addition of SD®20c and Mark VII® Max products that are manufactured in its European facilities.
  • Home & Garden – Silgan Dispensing offers solutions ranging from trigger sprayers to battery- operated remote dispensers. The TS800 trigger sprayer, with its proven reliability and performance, continues to be one of the most trusted dispensers by some of the most iconic household brand names.
  • Beauty & Personal Care – Silgan Dispensing designed its sun care solution, Mark VII® Max Style specifically around consumer pain points. The re-designed shape is a result of our own in-depth consumer research into preferences around sun and hair care application. As such, Mark VII® Max Style offers users more ergonomic comfort and security during application courtesy of the increased size of the pump and the emulation of a finger groove plus two added grips at the top of the pump.
  • Dispensing solutions for fast-growing markets – Responding to the evolving needs of brand owners for fast-growing markets is just another way Silgan Dispensing sees itself as a true partner. For example, the pet care market is growing and consumers are expecting to encounter the same dispensing experience for pet products as they would use a personal care product on themselves. Whether it’s wet or dry shampoos, our fine mist sprayers, dispensing closures and lotion pumps provide a superior experience even on high-viscosity formulas. The trigger sprayers and aerosols that are available from Silgan Dispensing can be used for applications such as flea & tick care, stains and indoor odor control.


  • 2D-X2 Dud Detector

    2D-X2 Dud Detector

    2D-X2 Dud Detector – New dud detector and inspection system employs dual lasers to scan the surface of the cap on a packaged beverage or food product to determine proper cap sealing. The side-by-side laser beams each scan the cap one-third of the way across its surface, so users can immediately detect cap tilt and overall cap height.

  • Troubleshooting Video Series now available on YouTube! – four new videos address loose, cocked or stripped caps as well as loose lugs. See all of the videos in the booth or visit the Silgan YouTube Channel

For additional information on our PackExpo presence or to arrange a meeting in advance, please contact Sylvia Tomal at See you in Las Vegas!

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